Awesome Intern Ed Strang shares his journal

29 Sep Awesome Intern Ed Strang shares his journal


Turn up at the office and am met by the managing director John Bradbury. He gives me a tour: co-workers, coffee pot, lavatory. The essentials. He shows me my desk; tidy, for now. We chat about me for a while (fun!), my past experience and what I hope to get out of my time here. He shows me some handy websites to look at, and asks me to familiarise myself with their social media channels. Mentions lack of AF Instagram – objective no. 1.



Graft. Finding shareable content, learning basic WordPress skills. I scout Instagram for what other production companies are posting. Most are dull – people do not care about what Sarah from Marketing’s birthday cake looked like and frankly Ronald the office cat is disgusting.



Director Rosie Collins comes in to discuss VR. Try on Samsung headset (see above image). Revelatory. Fascinating applications for VR & 360º film. Discuss possible uses for clients with JB. New objective: learn everything, ever, about VR and AR.



Continue research on Virtual Reality, including writing up meeting with Rosie. Editing director profiles for Awesome Talent blog series on Jack Maddison. Ate £6 panini for lunch. Meeting with JB and Rosie later on in the pub to further explore VR, including technical limitations and client perceptions. Mine’s a pint.



Coffee meeting with Tim Duncan of TDC-PR in Shoreditch to discuss effective social media strategy. Back to office with renewed ambition to create exciting and engaging Instagram account. Publish Awesome Talent post. Director Jack Maddison v. pleased, as he should be. Look into dashboard software such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck in case social media becomes unmanageable by one person. Have not reached that stage yet. Projection at current rate: early 2017. Game on.



Continue work on write up of VR and Rosie’s numerous ideas. Update our ‘#MeGustaMucho’ series on Twitter to great acclaim. Receive one rude (unwarranted) reply about the credibility of E! Entertainment. Some people have too much free time and a very limited vocabulary! Work on Insta posts, scouring the AF archives for pictures to help build up a base to springboard the account.



Meet the first hurdle in the Instagram 110m sprint: one cannot upload from a computer, must be from Insta app. Pointless, confusing, stupid design. Dropbox phone app to the rescue. V. hot in office, work from sofa downstairs. I always knew my best work was done when horizontal. Upload another ‘#MeGustaMucho’ post, a beautifully shot advert for Swedish broadband company ComHem. Advertising has no borders.



Sweltering in office again. JB in wife-beater. Off to the beach? No, he’s staying in to work. Changed into modest t shirt later for meeting with client. Insta progressing. Compile images and focus on aesthetics, captions, and hashtags



Finalise Insta layout and content, including creating gifs and publishing film content of previous work. Lesson learnt: most things are more difficult and time-consuming than they appear. Seriously consider outsourcing. Google: ‘day laborers in Oval’.



Publication of Instagram! Happy to see the fruit of my loins labour. Same difference. Meeting with Digital Producer Annie for 101 on full production process. Lesson reiterated: things are more complicated than they appear. JB rants about budget – apparently things now cost money! Go out with Rosie to Broadgate Circle to shoot in 360º for a client. Nice afternoon out. Get to see many high powered people striding around in suits. Air heavy with unrealistic deadlines.



More of the same. Publish Awesome Talent post on director Guy Hawkins. Revel in beauty of Instagram. Scour web for more shareable content. Assess engagement with and reaction to Tweets – lets call it low-level data analysis.



Build up bank of possible content to share on various media channels. JB busy having important meetings with important people. Upload another Insta post, this time of some Deliveroo ice cream. Trust me, its relevant. JB wary of lawsuit. Solve problem with uploading an image onto AF website (at last).



Start organising all previous work to make it accessible/understandable for the next hapless soul that walks through these doors. Tie up various loose ends. Write social media brief: how to tailor each post to its platform, and also how to upload it. Essentially, wrote my legacy.



Usual morning of searching The Drum, Campaign Live, Creative Review etc. for articles/video content. Pub lunch with JB – its Thursday after all. Correctly identify waiter as of European descent – massive brownie points from JB. Create animated gif and upload to Insta. Painfully time-consuming, my skills do not necessarily lie in video formatting. Start writing up diary. Meta.

Ed spent 3 weeks at the ‘Oval Office’ shadowing John Bradbury. Sadly he has now returned to his university studies. He is much missed.


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