Awesome Films is a video content company.


Brands need to work hard to keep people engaged nowadays.
That means creating eye-catching, entertaining stuff and lots of it.

Not everybody is set up to do this. But we are.



For some brands it’s about short, fun, shareable, snackable content.
For others we need to craft longer, more thoughtful stories.
But what we always strive for, and people crave, is authenticity.  



We are the generation of agile, can-do producers.
We respond swiftly to our clients’ needs, helping to refine their ideas, then executing to an impeccable standard.



We don’t run a fixed roster of exclusive directors (unlike our cousins in ‘commercials’).
We have a burgeoning black book of independent directors, self-directing DPs, animators, editors and tried and tested crew, whom we love and trust.
And we’re constantly scouting for new talent too.

So when we get a brief we put forward the director we think will do the best job of telling your story on screen. 

Your perfect plug-in production partner.


Check out some of our recent work here and then let’s talk