Awesome Talent: Jack Maddison, Director

09 Sep Awesome Talent: Jack Maddison, Director

Jack Maddison, aka ‘Square Eyes’, is definitely one of that shiny new breed of much sought-after, energetic and ambidextrous directors carving their way through the world of branded content.

Graduating in Photography from Bristol back in 2011 Jack initially set out as a Director of Photography – he still shoots much of his own work – and hasn’t stopped since. He first worked with Awesome Films as DP for OPIUM effect director Joerg Zuber (Bulgari, Swarovski, BMW) on a studio project for fashion brand ESCADA.

But it was Jack’s deft handling of the ‘Lucky Friday 13th‘ hidden camera project for Microsoft which convinced global healthcare agency Langland that we’d made the right choice for their Diabetes awareness campaign AMP Shoes. Filmed in a pop-up shop just off Brick Lane in London’s East End, the shoot involved Jack and his crew being locked away for two days straight in an airless, blacked-out ‘hide’ behind one-way glass, with Jack quietly supervising several cameras – including a mobile unit out in the street – mostly via, wait for it, iMessage.  Read more about the project from EP John Bradbury on Pulse.

It is clear from his diverse and energetic slate of films that Jack enjoys storytelling and his passion for both photography and film shines through in everything he does. Hard-working and resourceful on set, he is also immensely easy to work with and unfazed by creatively or technically challenging projects.

Other films of Jack’s well-worth watching:

‘Heart of Glass’ – music video for Popeska / DOP: Jack Maddison / Director: Matthew Lawes

Opener for quintessentially British car brand Jaguar-Landrover (through Kaleidoscope, New York)

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